Full Disclosure

In the spirit of openness and to avoid any future claims against me, your friendly neighborhood Eve blogger would like to take a moment and make some points perfectly clear:

• I write this blog for FUN and take zero profit from doing so.

• There will never be a paid advertisement on this blog.

• I have NO way of knowing how many people read this blog and don't care.  (Clarification: I DO care that people enjoy reading and leave comments and come back, but those are two different things.  I want this blog to be great in other words, but "great" being mostly a self-constructed standard to which I am still striving.)

• I don't know anyone that works at CCP.  I wouldn't mind knowing some and having an "in" there, for various altruistic reasons (like help with Death Race 2010) but I don't have that yet.

• Just so you know, I have been asked to be a contributor for EON Magazine and I am happy to do so.  They came to me by the way and thank you Richie.  Awesome guy.  No money involved btw.

• I provide grossly cheap art and design services to HELP my fellow Eve players and bloggers.  All proceeds benefit my PvP character in-game.  A few people have written me asking for RL help and I have turned those down.

• Death Race 2010 is, I hope, going to be a fun event.  ALL proceeds will be going to the event, prizes, etc.  I won't be pocketing anything.  Not a dime of isk.

I enjoy playing Eve and writing this blog.  It isn't the most important thing in my life, it is in fact pretty far down the list.  I am not looking for vapor fame, nor am I trying to please anyone but myself.  I strongly believe that doing so will result in pleasing many more people.  I would like for everyone that plays Eve to read this blog, that would be incredible and a lot of fun.  That means that I do promote this blog when possible and when it makes sense to do so.

Heck, I just learned this morning that apparently CCP has some sort of "list" of fansites?  Does anyone have a link they could share?  Never knew that.

I hope this clears the air.  If it needed clearing.  Back shortly with another Gooder Eve and later with this week's 1v1.