I Claim Sov in the Name of King George

More like the name of LJB our CEO.  I just wanted to give a quick shout-out to the hard working and endlessly dedicated members of DION, who today claimed sov over a system you've never heard of deep in zero space.  All of us that were on-line at the time stood anxiously around the TCU as it came on-line.  Cheers went up on TS and for a moment there I felt a wee tingle.  Seriously though it was a pretty cool moment and it wouldn't have happened at all if not for some heroic efforts.  My hat is off to those that were able to help and ensure it took place, you know your names and I won't spell them out here for obvious reasons.

I haven't taken the time yet to write about my Corporation, I think I'll get to that properly in a few days.  But honestly, having been around the universe and served in a wide variety of Corps - they are the best.  And I don't give praise lightly or without due cause.  Anyone who reads this blog regularly should know that.

And I did manage to capture it all on video so it'll make its way into the grand corporation promotional video I'm supposed to be working on.  So many things, so little time.