Moving On Up

So, let's review shall we?

> Moved to Providence
> Moved from Provi to Caldari Hi-Sec
> Moved back to Providence
> Moved to Black Rise
> Moved back to Provi
> Moved to Insmother
> Moved back to Provi
> Moved to Black Rise again
> Moved to Scalding Pass
> Moved back to Provi
> Moved to Geminate
> Moved to Scalding Pass
> Moved to the Spire

That's 13 major moves in 22 months of playing Eve.  Yikes.  One thing is for sure I am getting very, very good at moving around the Eve universe.  Some of those were very hard moves that involved a tremendous amount of effort and some, like the last one, very little effort.  The last one, which happened while I was on vacation, is totally due to the heroic efforts of DION's amazing logistics team.  Kudos to each and every one of them, they are amazing.

Every move has its own story and its own reasons.  But they do share one theme which I thought might be interesting to discuss.  I joke about the fact that many of the Alliances I've been apart of (LFA, Paxton, Dogs of War, Undivided) are no longer around.  Like I had anything to do with that fact.  I didn't.  I just find it funny.  But it does start one down the road to the common theme and the truth of the matter.  Which is simply this, I hate to be bored.

My Eve career is marked by moves, tragedies, and other political turmoils simply because I like to be where the action is.  Those Alliances aren't around anymore because they were right smack dab in the middle of the action at the time.  The most recent example is Primary, which I sadly was only in for a short time, the Goons and PL decided to take space in Scalding Pass.  Paxton and LFA are well documented.  The "stable" Alliances are boring my friends.  This is one major reason why I decided to leave Geminate.  Surrounded by blues, long jumps to anyone red, equals yawn in my book.  No knock on anyone here, we're all looking for different things.  But I hate to be bored.

I also hate moving.  So how does all of this play into the recent move to the Spire?  I dunno.  But I do know this much for sure.  I'm done.  22 months of this chaos is enough for me.  I'm staying in DION for the foreseeable future and riding it out one way or the other.  If the Spire turns out to be boring, then I'll find some way of making something happen.  Believe me, I have discovered many, many ways to keep myself interested.

I spent 6 months of those 22 in DION, and I've been back almost a month already.  I'm looking forward to the next 22 months.  And hopefully a story that doesn't involve moving as its main theme.