Postcards from Rixx: Day Six

Dear Reader,

The news you're hearing about a thermonuclear explosion on Caldari Prime is a lie, a smokescreen to cover up the truth.  That's because we found out who was behind the Noir contract and it wasn't any of the usual suspects or enemies... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

We managed to find the shuttle thanks to some help from a former Corp mate of mine who works in the Planetary Control Center now, used to be a great Capsuleer but couldn't hack the pod noise after ten years of it.  It happens to the best of them.  But he gave us the location and we went in hard and fast.  The Caldari Navy is missing a planetary interceptor but I didn't care, we needed some firepower.  Noir didn't put up much of a fight, but to their credit I think this was getting to be more than what they were paid for.  Or else something more than mere isk was involved.  Once again I should have heeded my instincts.

We found the children and they are both fine.  Turns out my son had already managed to straggle one of the guards earlier.  The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree I am pleased to tell you.

Of course it was too easy.  And it had all been a trap.  The gas was quick and painless.

When we came around we were all bound.  Gallente?  The old man who stood before us sure dressed the part, but he was born Caldari.  Even through all the scars and the wear and tear of age I could see that much.  I could also see that he had a gun pointed at my daughters head.

What happened next dear reader is one for the history books.  The man threatening my children and now my wife, the man behind the Noir contract, the turn-coat Caldari in Gallente garb, was none other than my own Father.  I knew it as soon as he spoke, words I hadn't heard since I was four years old.  The day the Gallente had taken our backwater world and killed my entire family.  Or at least when I thought they had killed my entire family.  Turns out they had captured my Father and used him ever since, holding the fate of my Mother over his head like a sword.

But what could he possibly want from me?  That's going to have to wait until I have time to write again.  They're coming for us now, I can hear the footsteps in the hall.  Say a prayer to whatever Gods you might worship my friends.

Rixx Javix