Six Months Baby

Tomorrow is the official six month anniversary of Eveoganda.  It has been six months already and it still feels like I am just getting started, just getting my feet wet and that I haven't had time to really get down to doing the things I wanted to do when I decided to start writing this thing.  On the other hand, the other side of that particular coin, wow!  What a ride the past six months have been.

Whatever "success" this blog might be having is solely the result of those of you that read it, comment on it and share the ideas and thoughts in your own blogs and in your lives - both in-game and out.  For that I am extremely grateful and appreciative.  It is a humbling experience when you see your own thoughts take on a life of their own and travel around and come back to you, when you get a letter from a soldier in Afghanistan telling you how much he enjoys reading your blog every day, when you are embraced and made to feel a part of a community of fellow bloggers and when you start getting "hello Rixx" in local chat when you enter a system.

Tomorrow is the official anniversary, but tomorrow will be taken up by a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT, so I wanted to take time today to say THANK YOU!  Thank you to every single person that reads this blog, I have no idea how many of you there might be visiting the site, reading on Capsuleer, or on Google Reader, or through another RSS feed, or whatever.  How ever you enjoy what I am trying to do, thank you.  Without you it would just be me shouting into the dark.  And while that might be interesting for me, it would only annoy the neighbors.

Thank you to CrazyKinux, who for some strange reason thought this blog should be included in the Blog Pack right after I started writing it.  I'm sure that leap of faith has a tremendous amount to do with the above and I greatly appreciate it. Thanks for having faith.

Thanks to all my fellow Bloggers, both in the Blog Pack and without.  I read your sites every day and while I may not always comment, you provide limitless enjoyment and inspiration and thought and learning.

Thanks to all those that leave comments, you guys are awesome and you help keep me honest.  As I said above, I read blogs every day and I know how hard it is to comment on even a fraction of them, so I appreciate the time invested and I never take that for granted.

And a special thanks to all those that have asked me to help with some bit of art or design, you guys are the fire that fuels this engine.  In more ways than you might realize.  And to all those still waiting, I appreciate your patience and your commitment.  It is returned and I'm plugging away as hard as I can.  Hang in there.

What will the next six months bring?  Well it all starts tomorrow.  See you then.