These Moves Are Making Me Thirsty!

Yesterday I broke the drought.  After two long months of evacuating Providence, moving to low-sec, then up to Geminate, then back through low-sec to Scalding Pass and then back up to the Spire, I finally kilt someone yesterday.  I was beginning to wonder if I actually was a PvP pilot anymore and not simply a mover of goods.

Always two sides to every coin however, I also realized just how rusty I have become.  The finely honed death dealing pilot of zero space has gotten a bit round around the belt-line my friends.  While I did manage to pop a Manticore and some poor schmuck's pod, I also managed to lose my favorite ship, my almost six-month old Daredevil.  A moment of silence for her superior service please...

How'd such a crime happen?  Rust, pure and simple.  Plus being much faster than my FC can think.  Heck, my Daredevil is faster than I can think most of the time.  It is both the pleasure and the danger of flying a super fast ship, interceptors also have this issue.  They are fast.  And when someone is thinking out loud, well... actions are sometimes faster than thought.  No complaints, my little buddy was screaming at me inside my head the entire time.

We came up on a Cane outside a station, just sitting there.  There were twelve of us in small, fast ships, a mixed bag of Intys, Sabres, Jags and whatnots.  So we decided to lock the Cane and wait and see what he'd do.  Simple enough.  So I did, then a Rorqual undocked (Why a Rorqual, for reps of course.), the Cane scrammed me (Being in the only Faction ship is a sure sign you'll be primary.) and boom my transversal sucked and I popped.

Nothing ventured nothing gained.  Despite the loss it felt really good being back in the killing people business.  The only cure for the rust is to get out there and engage people.  So that's my plan.

Now I just have to figure out how to get a new Daredevil all the way down here.  Sheesh.