The Death Race is tomorrow and the excitement is building!  I thought I'd share a few tidbits with you beforehand.

> I will be stationed at the finish line, right above the entry gate so I can see the ships as they enter.  Video will be running so I can have back-up on the order of finish.  The rule is first in local, so that could potentially be a close call in some cases.

> We will have 4 spotters stationed along the route to check on fleet progress.  We will also have a few racers in the race that, while certainly not "plants", are trusted friends - like fellow bloggers, Corp mates, etc.

> Once again, EON Magazine will be publishing a feature on the race in a future issue.  So please take as many screen shots as you can and share them with me after the race.  Also, any videos would also be greatly appreciated.

> Winners and Prizes will be announced on Monday both on Eveoganda and the Death Race Blog.

> Many, many thanks to everyone that shared in this vision with me.  The Race wouldn't be happening without you!  To all the bloggers that posted art or posts or stories, to those that Twitted, or told their Corps/Alliances, to the forum trolls, to everyone that spread the word.  And much, much thanks to all our sponsors!

> Final Word: Have Fun!  

[Death Race II: Bath of Blood will be held in Spring 2011. Details to be announced.]