Death Race: Updates

Don't forget!  DEATH RACE 2010 is THIS Sunday at 18:00 Eve time.  We have 49 54 registered racers!!  And room for more, if you haven't registered yet you can still take advantage of Nashh Kadavr's FREE entry offer by visiting his blog and leaving a comment.

This Friday I will announce the region of Empire you should be in on Sunday, north, south, east or west.  That announcement will be made here, on the official blog and in the game channel.  All entrants should join the in-game channel DEATH RACE 2010.

We will begin at 17:00 on Sunday by announcing in the in-game channel the starting system location.  You will have one hour to get to that system and be invited into the race fleet.  ONLY fleet members can win the race and the prizes.  Final prizes will be announced during and after the race.  Winners will be contacted afterwards regarding prizes.

Other news will be announced as race day approaches.