1v1: #25

Number 25!  Are you kidding me?  Sheesh and here I thought I woulda run outta idears a long time ago.  Heck, at this rate I might make it to 50 or something.  Maybe someday... maybe someday they might even start to be funny?  Nah, don't reach for the stars Rixx 'ol buddy.  You reach to high and the fall is a lot further.  Let's keep our dreams real man.  You are so right voice in my head, you are so right.  Wait a minute!  Aren't you the same voice in my head that told me to marry my ex-wife!?!  Hey no, that was one of the other voices.  Oh, ok then.

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Oh, I also posted a collection of some of the rejects from my sketchbook for the spaceship design contest, if you're interested.