Christmas in September

Today feels like Christmas in September.  I know, you're thinking, "Duh RJ, We can read the title of the post for ourselves!"  Granted.  I know my readers are the smartest gosh darn blog readers around and I wouldn't for a second try to talk down to a single one of you.  I simply ask for your understanding as I try to adhere to some semblance of structure in these posts... at least for my own sanity.  

If it is Christmas then I must be getting some gifts.  You betcha.  Some good treats for a long, sometimes boring, but universally dedicated skill train that has finally resulted in a huge door being opened.  The final skill on that most recent skill train is Minmatar Cruiser V which will be finished up tonight.  In 6h 54m to be exact (as I write this).  That skill, in conjunction with all the others that have proceeded it, will open up some very cool ships for me to add to my growing arsenal of destruction.

The Vagabond

For two years this little bastard has caused me nothing but trouble, although I often return the favor!  Now I'll finally be able to jump into my own fully fitted, highly skilled version.  I'm not one of these people that believe the Vaga is something extremely special, but it is a good solid task oriented ship to have in your hanger.  It can be nasty in the right situations and fills a role that no other ship in my hanger fills at the moment.  You could argue that the Cynabal comes close, but for the money it isn't as expendable.  Not that Vaga's are cheap, cause they ain't.  Either way, I'm excited about flying it.

The Rapier & Huginn

The Rapier is arguably the best Recon ship in the game when judged solely on the merits of combat.  Certainly the Curse, Falcon and Rook have their roles and they excel at the them, but the Rapier is pure nasty.  I'm anxious to take this thing out for a spin.  The Huginn isn't high on my list at the moment, but with my missiles skills it could also be a nasty ship to have in the hanger.  I'll get around to fitting one up in the 
next few weeks.

The Sleipnir

This bad boy gives me access to the two best Command Ships in the game, the Nighthawk being the other (without bringing the Vulture and the Claymore into the discussion, those are still down the road a bit).  

Command Ships aren't something that you fly a lot, especially in the war-torn hot dropping environment we are enjoying in the South right now.  But I have one of these sitting in my hanger and I'll get it fitted up and ready to rumble.

The Muninn

Finally I'll have an actual armor HAC I can fly!  My only option when it came to HACs was the Cerberus or the Eagle, neither of which really qualifies as armored.  I know the Eagle can be fitted that way, but I really hate going against ship bonuses when fitting ships.  That tactic never really works unless you can hide in a large fleet and I don't like hiding, that isn't really my playing style.

Those are the big four that open up to me today, there are a few others but they aren't that important or I already fly something better in one of the other two races.  Now I have a few more skills to round out, some core skills to top off and then on to other fun ships like the Sabre and the Onyx!  Just to name a few.

See?  That is exciting.  Just like Christmas.