Eve Blasphemy

If you haven't taken time to check out Eve Blasphemy yet, now is a good time to head on over there and say howdy to MissX934.  The blog hasn't been around long but it is already a stop for me.  But like any of us blogger type people, he could always use more traffic and words of encouragement.  Plus he is sporting some spiffy new RJ designed banners!

You can visit the link or click on the image above to see a bigger version.  I recommend visiting, since I did a run of these in different shades of color which he has on rotation.  I wanted to come up with something that played to the whole "blasphemy" idea, without being so obvious as to make it... well obvious.  The idea here was to create an environment that felt like a church, but with Dramiels replacing the wall torches, a touch that I am particularly proud of.  Kind of an "Eve Church" feeling but with "God hates us all" spray-painted across the bottom.  Ouch.

Thanks MissX934 for the opportunity to do the work for you, much appreciated.