Happy Customer #1

The EVEOGANDA Shop has been up and running for a week now and while sales are not exactly lighting the Internet on fire, they have been slowly building.  These things take time and I'm in no real hurry anyway.  But there always has to be the first sale.  That customer that braves the unknown and buys something from someone for the very first time.  Goodness knows I fully expected it to be some Russian in Siberia or a high-school dropout from Detroit.  But my first customer was much, much cooler than that.

I think he's gonna need a bigger ship!
Being the Father that I am I won't tell you who that is or where the photo came from, I'm a bit sensitive to publishing photos of children on the Internet.  Suffice to say that I got permission to publish it first.  I have to admit that when I saw my first order was for a baby jumper I was pretty darn smiley, the idea of some spud somewhere sporting a "X Up For Defense" shirt just made me all happy inside.  I didn't expect to get a photo however, and for someone who has had the kind of week I've just had, this made everything a lot better.

So enjoy little fella.  It is never too early to start training for that Nyx m8.