Pardon me for a moment while I take a deep breath and relax in my captain's chair here at my luxurious penthouse apartment above the F-Y station deep in contested null space.  Uh huh, like they give those kinds of digs out to grunts, especially grunts that just got here.  They don't.  I'm actually knee deep in axle grease trying to get my Megathron fitted up and I'd give my left eyeball for a good mechanic or a half-dozen 350's.

This has been the first week of my blogging career that I haven't read much of my fellow blogger's work, nor commented on it.  I could tell you that this has been a week of pure Hell here on the other side of the curtain, the supposedly "real" world side.  But I won't bore you with my professional woes and tales of horror.  Suffice to say it has been a challenging week.  And yet, through it all, I continue to maintain my pledge to post each and every day that I log in to Eve.  I'm insane that way.

Some might argue that posting when you have nothing to post about is an act only slightly less self-serving than masturbation.  A form of written self-indulgence.  Perhaps.  But the people that look at the world that way have never been people that I'm all that interested in.  So thanks for your opinion, I know everyone has one, but that doesn't mean everyones is equally as valuable or informed.  The truth is very simple, I write because I enjoy it.  And I enjoy it only when I'm doing it.  And I only do it when I force myself to do it.  If I stop, then I might not start up again.  Because then I'd be onto something else already.  That's just the way it works.

Because of all that, and a few other things, I'm slightly behind in my commission work again.  So anyone of you awaiting projects just hang in there, I'll get caught back up again shortly.

Big moves always exhaust me.  Strange how draining a pixel-based experience can be, but that is the enduring power of Eve in action.  If anything, the demands of moving assets across the universe is no less challenging than moving across a real country.  It isn't as sweaty, or as physically demanding, but it's close.  Plus I do believe I broke a sweat the other night when that Tempest tried to lock my Impel that was loaded down with some very expensive BPOs.  That'll get anyone's heart pounding.

Later today, 1v1 and hopefully a laugh.  Fly safe until then.