1v1: #27

No time for Eve today sadly, despite the horrific lag loss yesterday I still would have enjoyed blowing something up.  Instead I managed to squeeze out another in a long line of potentially horrible comic strips for your supposed enjoyment.  I can only hope that somewhere on this planet of ours, in perhaps some remote Wi-Fi enabled corner, some poor tribesman is anxiously awaiting this week's 1v1 strip.  Perhaps he calls his fellow tribes people together in his hut all the while laughing his fool head off.  The tribes people take this in stride, he has always been a fool, but sadly their patience grows thin - 27 being a strangely significant and symbolic number in their primitive culture - and they leap upon this lone fan and hack him into itty bitty bits which they burn in the village urn while urinating on his laptop.

Or something similar.

Click to embiggen, you know you want to.