New Shirt: Rattlesnake

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About a month ago I introduced the EVEOGANDA SHOP! (link in the right sidebar) and added a few lame-o designs with full intentions of getting new ones up on a regular basis. As they say, "the best laid plans" amount to naught.

I haven't been sitting on my laurels though, I've been keeping an idea list so that I could re-launch the shop when I had more time. Well that day will never come, so I'm going ahead and doing it even though I don't have the time.

The first new design of my brand spanking new line is now up for sale. The new line will feature brand NEW designs, not re-treads, and humorous (hopefully) or at least clever sayings and whatnots. The first one features the ever popular and sexy Rattlesnake!  And is available in a wide variety of colors, styles and materials.  Even on coffee cups.

I have a lot more in the pipeline and will be posting about each one when it goes up, so stay tuned for more.

(EDIT: I keep everything, including all the roughs and versions I've done over the years.  Sadly I also have a habit of keeping them in the same folder sometimes.  lol.)