Respected. Revered. And Sadly Mortal.

The single most useful iPhone app that I own, and I own ALOT, is Capsuleer.  Any free moment I have I check it to see how my skill train is going, I use it to see if wallet transactions have happened, to catch up on blog reading when I'm waiting at the Dentist, heck the spot above its icon is WORN!

Capsuleer is dead.  The news is HERE and HERE.   My friend Nashh has started a petition over on his blog which you can sign by visiting this link.  I encourage you to do so, at least it'll make us feel better.

I have to say off the top that I do not have any skin in this game beyond being a dedicated User of the app.  I don't know any of the parties involved anymore than I know any of my fellow bloggers and Eve players.  Obviously I have a good deal of respect for those involved, they managed to build a good solid tool that I use every day.

Having said all of that I must admit I find the news both odd and puzzling.  I do have friends that write apps in real life and that have done very well monetizing them for profit, in fact just down the street from me is a company that probably runs several dozen or more active apps on both iPhone and Droid platforms.  Many of those are apps with significantly less built in users than the Capsuleer app, potentially.  Of course I know none of the details and am only speculating.

What I'm getting at is this, it sounds to my trained ear like something else is going on here.  There is more to this story than what is in the official release.  Which is fine and it is certainly their business, that isn't the point I'm making.  The point is hopefully that "more" means that perhaps the door is still open to a resolution that doesn't involve the death of Capsuleer.  In other words, you can't save something if no one knows it needs saving.  And now we do.  Or now someone does.

Either way, I know some guys that have a Capsuleer-esque product over on Droid, maybe they'll swing that app over onto the iPhone platform?  Who knows.  Either way, I wish everyone involved the best of luck in the future and thanks for a great run.

And to all my readers that read thru Capsuleer, I hope you can find another way to stick with us after October 17th.

EDIT: Y'know, having read the above post again, I may have actually come across differently than intended.  Which happens sometimes, words have a way of flowing and I don't really have time to edit them.  So let me summarize:

• I'm not happy Capsuleer is dying.
• I wish it wouldn't.
• I wish everyone involved only the best, Capsuleer is why I am blogging about Eve frankly.
• I hope a solution can be found.
• I don't expect one, but hope springs eternal.