So Pissed

This is when Eve is not fun.  Not even close to fun, in fact so far away from fun that fun doesn't even have a name.  The people who live there have no concept of fun, fun is an alien word, concept, even the merest micro-dot of fun doesn't enter the bottom most portion of their brains.  Ever.  Since the dawn of time, fun is on the other side of the universe and that is a sad, sad place.

3hrs in a CTA warping around, TItan Bridging, blowing up iHubs and whatnots.  Fine, nothing wrong with that.  Then the promised battle, toe to toe with the red fleet.  We wait on the gates, hundreds of Battleships ready to engage.  Wait for it.  I already know what to expect, so I have everything ready.  Graphics cranked down, brackets off (I already have an overview setting for this, me so smart.) everything tuned down and waiting.  The command comes to jump into system.  This takes awhile, but that isn't unusual.  Then the anti-fun starts.

The worst part of grid load?  Listening to your FC calling targets and other people in your fleet engaging those targets.  For me?  Nothing.  Thirty minutes pass and I can see local, I can turn my mods on and off, but my overview remains BLANK and I cannot control my ship.  The universe is purty, but strangely bereft of any other ships.  Thirty minutes.  I think, "Wow, this is just like in D-G back in January."  Which leads me to believe, despite the apparent health of my ship, that I am probably already dead.

So I log in defeat.  It takes 4 tries to successfully log back in.  Even once I do, things are still screwed up.  But I do manage to finally warp my pod off to a safe spot.  I think.  I quickly re-log.  I haven't gone back yet.  I might not for awhile.

So I lost my Megathron without firing a shot at another ship.  I am so pissed.

The euphoria I honestly felt this morning, that things in Eve were finally starting to swing back around to the positive again... that feeling is gone.  The trust I had in the proclamations that lag had been addressed, and yes we informed the informing things, turned out to be false hope.  This was just as bad as the last time this happened to me waaaaaay back in January.  And we didn't even have close to the numbers in local today as we did back then.

I feel like I live on that planet far away from fun.  The people I live amongst enjoy lag, they celebrate it, honor it and generally seek lag out in their daily lives.  I don't.

Eve was not fun today my friends.  Eve was a bitch and she has an STD.

I did get some interesting screen shots though.  lol.