"you are literally retarded"

{ Disclaimer: We, the hard-working employees of Eveoganda and our friends and family, would like to make it perfectly clear that we do not like the word used in this post, it is mean, tactless, and just yucky poo-poo.  We're not big fans of political correctness police either, but we just don't go around calling people names.  So we do not endorse this post.

EDITOR: Dear Staff.  As the one who pays the bills around here, I'd like you to know that I didn't start it.  Someone posted the line in a comment yesterday and you are all aware of my policy, if you say it you run the risk of being mocked for it.  I suggest you get my bowl of M&M's re-filled and get back to your desks! }

Some people say, they say, "Yo Rixx, it must be hard coming up with stuff to talk about on Eveoganda every day... how do you do it?"  Those people are always surprised when I say, "Pfft!" in reply.  Mostly because I spit a little when I do that.  No one likes to be spit on, which is probably the reason I haven't been asked that in a really long time.  Suffice to say that so far at least (and that may or may not ever end) coming up with something to talk about has been pretty easy.  On a generally consistent basis.  

It helps when someone says, "you are literally retarded" in the comments.  I love my commenters.  I enjoy the repartee the back and forth and the often insightful things they say.  I also enjoy them when they say stupid things.  Cause let's face it, we can't all be superior beings.  But I'm not talking about anyone specifically here, making that comment doesn't automatically make the commenter stupid.  Mostly because I lack context.  The comment was short and to the point, which I appreciate, but it lacked elucidation.  Context is important in determining motivation.  So what was the commenter trying to say?

It would help if we knew the tone, without context tone would be the next important thing to know.  Did he make the comment with a smile or a scowl?  Was he angry or laughing?  One could take it either way.  The post was intentionally semi-stupid, that was the entire point of the post.  I even admitted it in the last paragraphs, I was taking a strange point-of-view in order to make a point.  And I did so in a, at least to my mind (which may be retarded... hmm) way that was funny.

Now I begin to wonder.  This is a lot like that Super-Hero question... what if you were invulnerable?  Or could fly?  How would you know?  (Unbreakable is one of my favorite movies.)  Is the same true of mental challenges?  Of course not, I think I would have noticed by now.  Even more likely someone would have told me.  So no short buses in my past, no special helmets, or any thing in that ilk.  Quite the opposite actually, but enough about me.

This post isn't about the comment.  

This post is about the set-up in the first paragraph.  Coming up with something to write about every day is hard work.  And sometimes I fail at it.  I had some ideas this morning that didn't pan out, so I sat at my desk and thought about skipping the post today.  But then I thought about Timmy.  You don't know Timmy, but I do.  Timmy is a little orphan boy that lives with his Grandmother in Ireland.  Timmy doesn't have much in this life.  His has been a rough and tumble, hand to mouth existence.  But one thing Timmy does have is his love of Eve Online.  And his favorite Blog Eveoganda.  Timmy and I write each other almost every day and I know... (excuse me, pffft!) just how much this blog means to him.

So I post for Timmy today.  And to Timmy I say two things.  First, I hope the potato crop comes in this season.  And secondly, you can rest assured that no lack of ideas will ever stop me from posting buddy.  I can write hundreds of words about nothing as well as the best of 'em.

In fact, I just did.

1v1 returns later today, stay tuned.