The FF4A | What You Need To Know


Thanatos Combat

The 10th Annual FF4A is this Saturday in Ouelletta and it is shaping up to be yet another record-breaking year. So in that spirit, here are some things you should know before the event.

• Ouelletta is easy to get to and it has a High-Sec entrance, Jufvitte. It is 19 jumps from Jita and 9 jumps from Dodixie in the Verge Vendor region. In addition there are other nearby High-Sec entrances, such as Intaki, Mesybier, and others. So it is pretty easy to get to.

• Ouelletta has 3 NPC stations in system and each one is fully-stocked with ships to be handed out. All you have to do is dock up and someone will trade you ships. Or you can open a trade with anyone from the ABA Alliance. Easy.

• Primarily all ships are T1 Frigates fitted so that anyone can fly them. We've also sprinkled some other ships in there for variety, but essentially these are fun to fly frigates.

• There is no limit to the number of ships you can get. So keep docking up and undocking as long as you'd like.

• We recommend putting a medical clone in one of the stations. While we discourage podding, accidents can happen.

• Feel free to report anything unusual in local chat. A swarm of hundreds and hundreds of frigates is an effective force for removing problems.

• There will be a network of Mobile Depots in local that you can use as undock insta warps, and safe warp-to destinations - so be sure to have Mobile Depots on your overview.

• We fully expect some players will try to "ruin" the event, as they do every year. While tiresome, this is expected and all part of the fun. As mentioned before, feel free to report these in local chat. Even Redeemers can be killed by enough frigates. Trust me. 

• Also, keep your eyes open for special cans with ship skins in them. And always check loot from wrecks. You never know what you might find.

• ALL we ask in return is that we try to avoid podding players. So no smartbombs, or ECM Bursts, and Edencom ships are not cool for this event.

• The event runs for SIX hours - from 16:00 to 22:00 Eve time. So feel free to arrive anytime.

I'm sure there are other things I'm forgetting here, but the main idea is to have fun. The FF4A is a great time to experience the thrill of frigate combat in Eve Online and that is why we host this event every year. No matter what you do in-game, this is a chance to let your hair down and have some fun with free ships.

I hope to see you in space.