300: The Hunt For Rixx Javix

300 posts!  It sure sneaks up on you.  I promised myself when I started this blog that I would write every day that I played Eve, which I mostly, sorta, kinda do.  I say "mostly" because I do try and take the weekends off - even though I often play on the weekends.  To make up for that I often post more than once a day during the week, sometimes as much as three times a day.  Although that is rare.  Whatever, this is the 300th post and in my last post I asked for some help in coming up with ideas to help me celebrate the event.

On the six-month anniversary I announced the Death Race (and yes, we will be having another one of those soon!) so I needed something cool to come up with.  Several good ideas in that last post and while not one of them is exactly what I am going to do, they did help me think of this idea.  So thanks to everyone who commented.

I am pleased to announce THE HUNT FOR RIXX JAVIX!  

On Wednesday November 10th, starting at 22:00 Eve time, Rixx will be in the low-sec region of Molden Heath (places like Bosena, Gonheim, Atlar, and others.) your job will be to hunt me down and kill me.  I will not be fitting a cloak and I will not be hanging out in safe spots.  I will be either at a planet or in a belt, or sometimes jumping through gates.  But I will not be running and hiding, I'll be out and about looking for a fight.  I'll be in a Hurricane for exactly one hour!  Anyone that kills me will receive 300 million ISK!!!

Now, if multiple people kill me they will split the 300m according to the percentage of damage they do on the killmail.  So you ECM pilots won't see a dime, same goes for anyone that does zero damage.  This is my way to try and discourage the use of those ships, I'd like a clean fair fight if possible.  In that spirit, if someone decides to hot-drop my ass with Carriers they won't see a dime.  Same goes for podding btw.

I know the TZ sucks for some of you, but I have to pick a time that works for me and no matter what time I pick someone won't be able to play.  Sorry about that, but them is the facts.  

I fully expect to lose my ship, but I am not going to make it easy on you.  I will use every trick I know and will fight to the death, so you'll have to be smart and determined to catch me.  Heck, I've given away all my advantages - you know where I'll be, when I'll be there and what ship I'll be flying.  Sheesh.  It'll be like shooting fish in a barrel.

The Hunt For Rixx Javix
• Wednesday Nov 10th
• Between 22:00-23:00 Eve Time
• Molden Heath Low-Security Space
• Rixx will be in a Cane
• No cloak, no safe spots
• Only gates, planets and belts
• Winner gets 300m ISK

Good hunting and thanks for reading Eveoganda!