Advancing In A Different Direction

As usual Mord Fiddle has a good wrap-up of the goings on in Impass.  The situation has kept yours truly unusually busy the last three days.  Even though I wasn't able to log-in all weekend.  So I'd recommend reading his report if you are interested in the politics and whatnots.

As for me, I worry about things from a much more grunt oriented perspective.  What all this means for me is mucho headaches and logistics issues.  When I do log on later I will be in a station surrounded by reds.  My last ship in the station (the last of 26 moved, sold, or trashed since Friday) is my trusty Falcon.  The rest of my assets are split between another station on the other side of the enemy six jumps away and one over 10 jumps away in Catch.  How I get everything back together again is problem number one.

Many thanks to the amazing DION and our logistics team.  Well done as always and I can't say enough about how well they work together.  Once again they saved my ass.

I'm sure I'll have more to say about this in later posts.  For now sadly, my predictions have all come true.  But despite current events it will be interesting to see how things work themselves out.  With the Holidays here in the U.S. coming up, playing time is going to be hard to come by.