This post doesn't need a lot of words because all I want to say is contained within the above image.  They say that those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  'Nuff said.

Ok, not 'nuff said.  I don't like CVA and I never will.  They screwed LFA and they screwed PXF and anyone that was in one of those Alliances who aligns themselves with CVA now should be ashamed of themselves.  Sadly that involves a lot of people that I consider in-game friends and that makes me sad.  But I'm not going to back down from something I believe is so painfully self-evident.  Not within the context of the game, out-of-game is different and I couldn't honestly care less.  Does that make sense?

The above image has been hidden lo these many months because I made it (and two others) for the private pleasure of my fellow Paxton pilots back when ElTorrent and Aralis screwed all of us and the efforts we had made in Providence.  At that time I promised myself I'd never publicly publish the image.

But then, last evening, CVA did it again.  They consorted with a known Pirate Corporation and hotdropped a DION Jump Freighter in Low-Sec.  Which, if you know anything at all about CVA, is in clear violation of their RP crap.  And it isn't the loss of the ships that pissed me off, but that once again (right when I was trying really, really hard to give them some slack for taking Providence back and see them in a different light cause some people I like joined them!) they clearly break the foundation of the bs they are built upon for a easy kill.  (And believe me, this kind of crap happened all the time before too.)

It doesn't matter that I don't like CVA.  It doesn't matter one single iota to anyone other than me.  Nor should it.  I'm just one single little pilot and no one should care.  But it does matter to Rixx and this post is for him.  This post is for all the times he lost something defending something that didn't exist.  Rixx is pissed off and he is drinking heavily tonight in some lonely low-sec station bitching to anyone within earshot.  He'll end up getting into a fight with some wack-job Amarrian and be hauled off to the brig to sleep it off.  I know him.  So this post is a selfish, drunken Rixx post that he'll regret in the morning.  Once he wakes up.

PS: My sincere apologies to my good friend Kirith for venting on his blog today, sorry about that m8.