First Blood

There are few things in gaming as exciting as the Player Vs. Player combat in Eve and within that context nothing really compares to combat that comes down to you and another player... one on one.  The thing is, you never know for sure.  Unlike fighting the computer or facing a 30 man blob, in one on one combat you face the pure unknown.  Sure you know what your enemy is flying, but what are his skills?  His fit?  His bonuses, implants, ability?  These unknowns are exciting, scary and (in my opinion) the very best of what brings me back to Eve every day.

For a new player it can be a daunting experience. The unknown is multiplied a hundred times more, not only do you not know the enemies abilities, you must also question your own. New abilities, new ships, new modules, everything is untested. Most of all, you are untested.  How will you do?  You won't know unless you do it.  Young pilots ask me all the time, how do I get into PvP?  My answer is always the same, undock and do it.

I was lucky.  My first solo kill happened by accident.  Up until this incident I had been having my butt handed to me over and over again.  I thought I was tough in my Cormorant, it IS a Destroyer after all.  One day in Mai I happened upon an Incursus ratting in a belt, the killmail doesn't show the rat damage but it had been ratting for awhile and must have had damage already. I remember how sure I was that he would warp off, kill me, or otherwise win the day. Clicking the crosshairs happened immediately, but within that second I had a lot of second thoughts. He must not have seen me until the last moment. But boom, I won.  Oh man, at that moment I thought I owned the Universe.

My next solo kill was against my friend Angor, which doesn't count really.  I'm sure we were simply trying out some new fit or something. My next real solo kill didn't happen again for almost three months and was an unfitted Condor.  I don't remember this one much sadly.  How does a Condor die to a Drake?  I imagine he must have landed on the Gate and given up or something. 

Luck certainly played a part in my early solo kills. Not that I have that many of them, they are extremely hard to come by in Zero space.  I'd like more.  So I'll keep trying to avoid the blobs, undock as often as possible and try to get lucky again.  They say you make your own luck, if that's the case then I best get busy.

PS: I admit I wasn't clear.  The incidents reported above happened two years ago, back at the end of 2008 beginning of 2009.  Since then I've had many other solo kills.  Not as many as I would like, but nothing to sneeze at either.