The Long Drive

My Eve playing time has been next to zipperville lately, but as always I do what I can. So this isn't a post crying like a baby about lack of playing time, it happens so move on. This is a post about being bored though.

Sometimes I do get a tad bit bored. Especially when combined with not much playing time.  So sometimes I do stupid things to cheer myself up. These can range from the extremely stupid, like seeing just how close I can get my stealth bomber to the -A- Titan in the middle of a large enemy fleet (15k if you are interested) to the not quite as stupid - such as my infamous Long Drives.

What is a long drive you ask? It is simple and complex all at once and serves as a great way to get the juices flowing again. Jump in a ship, any ship will do and just start flying off in a random direction. That's it, keep going till you get even more bored or die. Over two days last week I flew from way down in Impass all the way up to Caldari space in Piekura.  Mostly through the bad neighborhoods of zero and low sec. Can't take the easy routes on a long drive, sorta defeats the purpose.

Usually on these things, either I get kills or I get kilt. Not this time. Perhaps I picked the wrong ship, I decided on one of my Dramiels.  But everyone either ran away from me, or logged off, or tried to blob me. A couple even said Hello to me in local. Sheesh.

But that's ok, the purpose of the Long Drive is not death but survival. The point is to survive the Long Drive, and if you get some kills along the way so much the better.  Death is defeat in my opinion and I hate being defeated. Which isn't the same as avoiding fights. I hope I am making myself clear here, try to kill ad try to not be killed all at the same time. Have fun, survive, see new places and relax. Take your time. I stopped in a few systems for hours along the way trying to catch someone or other.  A couple of kills escaped me by mere seconds. It happens, right now I seem to be in the cycle where I am slightly off on everything, sometimes it swings around the other way.

Did it work?  Of course. I even managed to pick up a couple of sweet pieces of Faction loot from some wrecks that were left unattended.  And a couple of much needed skill books.

So my advice to those tired or bored or slightly frustrated boils down to one thing, undock.  Really all the good stuff about Eve happens out in space.  That might not be true forever, but right now it certainly is.