More Worx

Tower of Ravens Wallpaper

Told you I was working my way through the commissions!  Telathe, a long-time reader and frequent commenter here on Eveoganda, asked me to do some various commissions for him awhile back.  The first was a Wallpaper for his Corp Tower of Ravens, which you can see above.  This is a perfect example of how a off-hand comment can sometimes lead to inspiration.  He mentioned in one of his emails how he saw dark birds circling a Castle tower, very dark and gothic images sprang to mind.  Certainly Tower of Ravens would start you thinking in those directions.  I thought however, the in-game Raven certainly looks like a bird of prey, so why not have them circling a dark gothic Castle?

The next one was a blog banner for his blog Republic of Tyrants, but I don't post those until they go up on the site, so you'll have to wait for that one.  The next was a forum banner for the Alliance "The Laughing Men".  I could have gone a lot of different ways with this one, and I tried a few, but this image captured everything I wanted in a simple, elegant manner that the other ideas just couldn't do.

The Laughing Men Alliance Banner

I'll post the Blog Banner once he gets it up and running.  In the meantime, Republic of Tyrants has been added to the growing blog list in the right sidebar, so give Telathe some love and head on over.

Back to the drawing board.