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CrazyKinux is celebrating 6 years of blogging, so go over and say congratulations!  Six years is a huge accomplishment and the man deserves all the credit for it he can get.

I've only been writing Eveoganda since January so he has a huge head start on me.  Hopefully I never catch up.  Since I don't keep track of stats or anything over here I have nothing to compare to the numbers he mentions in his post.  The only thing that jumped out at me was the 800 posts number, especially when I realized my next post would make 300 Eveoganda posts since January!  300!?  Already?

Sheesh, I write a lot.

Which is a funny statement in more ways than it might appear, since I am a writer.  They say that writers write and that is mostly what I do every single day.  I also do other things but when it all boils down, I write.  Writing is a habit and I've been addicted for a long time.  It helps that I take time off, mostly on weekends.  My regular readers might have noticed that I rarely post on the weekend.  That's on purpose, it helps to keep the gears working in the brain.  Or working as well as they ever do.

But 300 seems to be a milestone of some sort, so what should I do with it?  The last milestone around here was my six-month anniversary and I took that opportunity to announce the Death Race.  What should I do for my 300th post?

Any suggestions would be welcomed.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.  The 300th post will be tomorrow and I'll be announcing your chance to WIN 300m ISK!  I'm a giving type blogger y'know.  And in the spirit of Eve winning will involve combat of the most dangerous kind, so check back tomorrow for details.