RJ's Diary: June 2009

GIven the generally gloomy spin some of my recent posts have taken, I decided to post another couple of entries from RJ's Diary - happier times in some ways. Mostly because I was young and didn't know any better.

June 24, 2009
11 Kills today!  What an action-packed day this turned out to be.  Joined up with a fleet coming back from the North just as the red fleet (Scorched Earth and -A-) reached TR.  I jumped in with my Drake (Serious Business) and started fighting, it was awesome and unlike June 6th, this time no lag problems at all.  This was the first large scale battle that I really felt like I was making a contribution and doing smart things.  My Drake managed to survive some serious poundings on at least two occassions before the battle move out of its range.  I settled closer to the DG gate and started picking off smaller ships as they came close, leaving the big sniper ships to fight it out at range.

Also managed to catch a Harbinger outside the DG station and blow him up, between Angor and myself I think we've popped G Genetic like 6 times.  He just keeps coming back for more.

We also made several roams into the North where I lost my Hero Caracal to a red blob that jumped us, but not before popping 2 of the enemy.  So all in all a great day.

June 26, 2009
Didn't do much today until later, some ratting in the morning and ship fitting.  Later on Paxton started up a T1 frig roam and I managed to get invited.  Small 15-17 gang jumped into HED fought and ran, we did this three times each time re-shipping into cruisers and then BS.  IT was awesome, quick and I managed to get in on 6 kills.  A Pilgrim, Caracal, 2 Drakes, Hurricane and a Merlin.  Almost got popped a couple of times but managed to survive them all.

June 27, 2009
Typical morning ratting and isk making.  Decided to get a Raven to rat with instead of using the Drake, and bring the drake back up to DG for defense.  It was rat fitted and I jumped out of a gate right into a 30 man red fleet waiting on the other side.  I tried to get her back to the gate and almost made it, but fell about 1k short.  The basterds popped me.

Later in the day I turned into yet another bomb in my Crow and popped.  But I did mange to jump on a Pilgrim when he came out of the gate and I un-cloaked him, tackled him and helped bring him down - which felt really really good.