Take Me To My Leader

Someone named KHAAAAAN over on Eve Report  has written a post about CrazyKinux that you should read. If you want to of course, the following won't make much sense if you don't.  Which, if you are a reader, might not be all that unusual anyway.  Mandrill also posted a reply to the KHAAAAAN post and my Blogger buddy Ecliptic Rift has also written a post about it.  So go catch up.

And no, I am not going to repeat any of that.  I will say this to those that might have been too lazy to read it for themselves, the poster wants CK to step down as our Leader and stop being such a hog.  Or something like that.  I know, I know, that sounds just plain silly.  Speaking only for myself here, which is all I ever do, I don't have a Leader.  Not here on the blog at least.  In-game my Leader is my CEO LJB, at home my Leader is my wife... other than that, don't got one.  So sorry CK, if you thought for a second there that you were my Leader, sorry bud.  That's the summary wrap-up, on to the post.

To KHAAAAAN i say "Pffft!"  (I wonder if that's his real name?)  How dare someone think they have the right to tell another Blogger what to do?  This makes me angry.  In fact, I am rather miffed.  When I was reading his post my mind kept replacing the CK references with RJ ones and my blood started to boil.  What if it had been me?  Or you? (Supposing you have a blog dear reader, you may not.)  Ok yes, I wouldn't really care one way or the other, true enough.  Would it make one iota of a difference?  Of course not.  There may in fact be a tremendous amount of people out there that do not like me, I don't know.  I can't imagine why they would feel that way, but it is a big universe and we have lots of room.

It isn't the attack then, it is the presumption of leadership and the further gall of attempted usurping of something that doesn't even exist.  That's what gets me.  This is indeed a big universe with room for lots and lots of Eve related blogs, PodCasts and other Eve related doings.  It is one of the things that most fascinates me about it.  I've heard there may be upwards of 700+ blogs about Eve out there!  Whoa, that is amazing to me.  I welcome them all.  Have at it.  I keep discovering new ones every day myself.  But to designate any one of those bloggers as our "leader"?  And then have the balls to ask him to step down?  Sheesh.

If someone wants a better Blog Pack then go and make a better one. No one is stopping you. In fact, I know of many people that have done so. CK helped found this community, and his was the first Eve Blog I happened upon when I started playing Eve. As such, he did inspire me to eventually start my own vastly superior blog!  LOL.  For that CK will always have my respect and admiration even when we have disagreed in the past.  (I don't remember why we disagreed, but I remember we did. I don't remember because it isn't important now, we kissed and made up or something.) 

Let me say this now.  If you have a problem with me, write me an email, comment on a post, shoot me in-game, do something to let me know.  I am not a leader and never want to be considered one.  I have enough trouble trying to write in this thing, keep up with my work and find time to play Eve.

However, if you want to bash me, feel free.  I ain't gonna stop, I might listen though, who knows you may have a point.