Circle of Two

If you live in a cave and haven't heard yet, Circle of Two has officially failscaded.  The Alliance has effectively vacated all conquered systems in Impass and in Providence.  This has been happening since late last week and has only accelerated over the past few days.  I'm not telling stories out of school, anyone who looks at Dotlan could tell you the same things.  In fact, I've known this for awhile and haven't said anything here on the blog.

Unlike what happened to LFA and later PXF, or even more recently with the other so-called Alliances I have been a part of, Co2's failure doesn't sting at all honestly.  The reason is simple since I refused to allow myself to become invested in the Alliance, and have instead focused on the Corporation.  Certainly, at first, I participated in Alliance fleets and whatnots, but as the war drug on and on it become apparent where it was all heading.  Anyone that has followed the blog knows that as well as I do.

Co2 lives on however, certain Corps have taken the reigns and moved on towards new regions (or old regions in this case) while others have moved on to somewhere new.  

I would like to say that I enjoyed my time in Co2, but mostly I did not.  This was not the fault of the Alliance or any of the Alliance members, in fact I liked almost everyone I met and flew with in the Corps.  This had everything to do with timing, after so much moving around the past 14 months I was really looking forward to hanging out in Providence again and enjoying the pew pew.  I got to do that for about a week before we started playing Sov War Games.  And, with a few minor exceptions, the situation never allowed for much of anything other than large fleet POS bashing and engagements from then on.

Not my cup of tea.

So onward and upward.  So what does this mean for Rixx and the folks in Dissonance?  Well since the word is already out on the forums and whatnot, again anyone that uses Dotlan can find it for themselves, Dion is taking the next step.  We are forming our own Alliance and will be moving into our own space, or as close to our own space as possible, to lay the foundation for the growth and prosperity of that new Alliance.  No more overlords, no more bad failscading decisions, no more living under the mercy of others - from now on we will control our own destiny.  Or "control" it as much as it can be controlled, at least we will be the ones making those decisions.

I've spent a lot of time on this blog whining and complaining about other Alliances, now its time to put all that I've learned (and that Dion has learned) to good use.  We certainly know a lot about how not to run an Alliance.  It's time to see if we can build something ourselves.

We cannot do this alone however, so if you or your Corp might be interested in hearing more about our plans, please feel free to convo me or on of the other Dion Directors in-game.  Or join our in-game DION-PUBLIC channel.  More information will be shared over the coming days and weeks, shortly our new Alliance forums, killboard, and all that jazz will be available.

This marks the start of a brand new adventure.  Of all the things I have accomplished in Eve, this will be a new one.  And I am very, very excited.

Stay tuned.