Ana's Corner: The Archon

I know this blog is all about Rixx and his tireless ranting about exploding ships and all, but I finally convinced him that some people might like to hear about other things.  The universe isn't all about killing and destruction.

Oh hell, maybe it is all about destruction.  Either way, as Rixx's wife and Director of Lucifer's Hammer it is my job to keep the damn thing running smoothly while he is out playing with his shiny toys.

I didn't become a Capsuleer until after Rixx and I met, so I've been playing catch up for the last year or so.  Mostly my aim at first was to provide the monetary foundation for the war effort, building things, moving assets, trading and the like.  Since the move into Syndicate and the re-birth of the Corporation, my focus has changed somewhat.  Since then I've been studying to fly a Carrier.  Specifically the Amarrian Archon Carrier.

Well tomorrow I'll be able to fly it for the first time.  

I have to admit I'm a little intimidated by the idea of piloting a Capital Class Carrier.  The darn skill book is so thick and heavy! My eyes are strained to read all that little text and remember all those calculations, but I think I am getting the basic idea down.  Heck, once you've mastered Cynosural Field Theory the rest is just angles and numbers.

I've been selling off some assets in Jita to pay for the purchase.  I hate that place and try to stay away, but it really is the best place to deal and get deals.  Someone actually tried to scam me yesterday!  Like I'm a noob or something.  He put up a convo and offered a good price on a contract, which I accepted.  He cancelled the first trade and asked some questions, then opened it up again.  The whole time my finger is on the Cancel button.  Sure enough, this time the offer window was a little light in the zeroes department.  Cancelled and he dropped convo.  Pfft.

So anyway, tomorrow I'm buying an Archon.  Still skills left to train, so mostly I'll be using it to shuttle supplies back and forth for now.  This should prove to be a big help to the Corp and to the Alliance.  We already have many Carriers of course, but only one will be mine.  This is a big deal for me as I finally feel like I will be contributing more than just iskies.

Cheers.  And please, if you happen to be in a fight with Rixx just go ahead and die.  k?