Dinner Time at the Javix House

Rixx: "That was delicious. I have no idea how you manage out here in Low-Sec."
Anastasia: "Well thank you, it has been difficult with all the moving and politics and everything."
Rixx: "I spent all day with new Alliance details, our new Alliance seems very friendly by the way."
Anastasia: "I'm glad to hear it.  They didn't say anything about us having to be down there... anytime soon did they?"
Rixx: "Well I know they are very anxious, if I have to hear the word integration again... wait a second, why do you ask?"
Anastasia: "No reason..."
Rixx: "Ana!  I know you better than that, c'mon spit it out."
Anastasia: "It's silly really..."
Rixx: "And?"
Anastasia: "Well, you know I've been doing nothing but studying and training for that Archon. It really is a big ship!"
Rixx: "(Laughs) It is indeed, bigger than anything in my hanger.  And you did a masterful job getting the Corp out of A-S by the way."
Anastasia: "Thank you, it really was more Cyber and Jushinn, but I did pull several important jumps.  Well... oh really this is just silly."
Rixx: "You didn't lose my ships did you? You have everything I own."
Anastasia: "No dear, losing ships is your job.  No, well... we were all set to jump the multiple jumps down to the destination system."
Rixx: "Well that's good."
Anastasia: "Yes, Angor was a dear and helped set up the jump map and everything.  Well he finally got into the next system and lit the Cyno.  I undocked the Archon and when I hit the jump button... well, the computer told me it was too far!"
Rixx: "How far was it? Did Angor screw up the jump calibrations?"
Anastasia: "Of course that was my first thought.  But no, they ran thru the computer perfectly.  But apparently my Archon can only jump 6.3 lightyears and not the necessary 12.3 or so."
Rixx: "Odd. Is there something wrong with the ship?"
Anastasia: "Well now, that's the silly part.  Everyone is being very helpful on Comms, 'Are you sure you have Jump Drive at Level V Ana?' Well sure I'm sure, I trained the damn skill."
Rixx: "I remember, no sex for a week!"
Anastasia: "I'm not the one that runs off to far corners of the universe for weeks at a time!"
Rixx: "Fair enough.  So what was the problem then?"
Anastasia: "It seems... well, it turns out that there are several skill certifications involved in jumping a Carrier... um, several of which I may have overlooked slightly..."
Rixx: "Oh god."
Anastasia: "Need I remind you of Mining Foreman IV dear?"
Rixx: "Point taken, do go on."
Anastasia: "While I have Jump Drive Operation trained to level V, there is another pesky little skill called Jump Drive Calibration that extends the reach of the Carrier's jump... oh and another one called Conversation that helps with the fuel thingie."
Rixx: "Um, conservation I think you mean dear."
Anastasia: "Of course.  Well I hadn't trained for those."
Rixx: "..."
Anastasia: "Don't give me that look.  I bought the books and need to study tonight!"
Rixx: "So... no ships of mine got moved today?"
Anastasia: "Uh no."
Rixx: "And sex?"
Anastasia: "Have you seen the size of that manual?"
Rixx: "I see it."
Anastasia: "I told you it was silly."