Eveotorial: The Good Fights

This post might not qualify as a full-blown Eveotorial, it might be more of a rant.  But I haven't written it yet, so I'm not 100% sure where it might go when it is finished.  And since I mostly write these posts while I am thinking of these posts, I thought it would be better to start with opinion and then get into anger or wrath later on.  If needed.  What the hell do I know?  Just read the damn thing.

Good fights are freakin' hard to come by in New Eden.  I'm not whining about this fact, I'm actually pissed off about this fact.  (Not really, but again this is a blog about Eve and I think I should at least act like I really really real world pinky swear care)  Where was I?  Oh yeah, good fights.  Hard to come by.  Almost impossible really.

Ok, not impossible, but very rare.  Like hardly cooked on the outside rare, blood red, dripping off the plate, rare.  Ok we get it Rixx, now on to the point.

Ok this is the part where I totally switch up what you think I was going to say and surprise the heck ouuta ya.  Ready?  I understand it.  I get it.  No one wants a good fight unless it is a good fight from their perspective.  So a good fight from your perspective isn't such a good fight from the other guys perspective.  Cause he lost his ship and you get to post the killmail.  Is that it?

When was the last time you went toe to toe with another ship?  Without a blob behind one of you?  It is getting to the point where if any one in a lone ship actually approaches you, you have to think he must have a blob somewhere.  Maybe in the next system?  Or maybe he has a Cyno and is getting ready to hot-drop three or four Carriers on your ass.  

I'm going to do that thing again.  Maybe it isn't New Eden after all.  Maybe it's us?  I mean, what is the definition of a "good fight" anyway?  I suspect the answer might vary between pilots, between fleet pilots and solo pirate pilots, between Sov holders and Carebears, between Mercs and Hi-Sec Station Campers, between solo SB Tempest on the gate to Jita and distant lurking Stealth Bomber pilots waiting above your station.  If the definition is different for all those pilots and even more, then how can good fights be hard to come by?  That doesn't make any sense.

Ah, now we are onto something.  The fact is simple.  Good fights are not hard to come by in New Eden, in fact they are all around you.  I submit that if you are not finding them, then it is you and not the universe.  You are in the wrong spot my friend. You need to find the place where your definition of a good fight is happening, because somewhere, out there, it is.

This doesn't excuse the blobs, the hot-dropping Carriers, the people who dock up whenever there might be a fair fight to be had (>cough< Freelancers! >cough<) , those that won't answer a 1v1 in local, or those that run away when you enter system.  The universe is full of cowards, full of those that should know better, those that fail fit when they rat, those that fly into places they don't belong, those that undock in expensive faction fitted crap that screams Primary!  Yeppers.  They're out there just waiting to be taught a lesson.

They might not think it was a good fight.  Or even a fair fight.  But, then again, the losers never do.