Looking Back

This is the oldest in-game screen shot that I have.  It was taken on October 13th, 2008 - less than a month since I started playing Eve.  That's me in the middle there in my not-so trusty Cormorant.  And yes it does have two mining lasers on it!  This was in Bagodan which is either near Piekura or Choonka I suppose, me being too lazy to look right now.  This was a Corp mining/ratting operation, one of the first times we had gathered in force together.  I can still remember how impressed I was by the sound of an Armegeddon's lazers.  In fact, I must have impressed someone with my impressionable tendencies because I remember one of the BS pilots giving me 150m iskies!

I was doing my best to contribute to the Corporation and not be a Noob, but what can you do at that age?  Everything was new and wonderful and full of potential back then.  Things haven't really changed much since then and yet they've completely changed in so many ways.  But the one thing I get from remembering those early days, remains with me no matter how much things have changed, Eve is an amazing, beautiful, complex and diverse universe in which to play.

And that hasn't changed.

Although I doubt you will ever, ever see me in a Cormorant mining ever again.  I would hate to imagine the circumstances that would have to occur for that to happen. lol.