Recruitment Grenade

First of all a final farewell to Capsuleer, the little app that could finally petered out on me today and refused to refresh my information.  After months of working just fine (even though the learning skills made things a tad wonky) after its "death" last year, the app is finally truly really ka-put.

So on to iClone I guess.  Goodbye Capsuleer, you did good work.

EDIT: Ghostwritten Rocks!  I had to delete Rixx and re-import him from Eve-O and it worked!  Yeah, so I can still use the Zombie Capsuleer to track my skills. Yippee!  Thanks Ghost. <3

Today was like someone rolled a recruitment grenade into my office!  The LUCRH HAMMER TIME channel was buzzing all day, heck really since yesterday.  I don't know what sparked this sudden interest in our growing PvP Corp but I'm glad for it.

Since yesterday we've added three new pilots to our roster with probably a half-dozen or so in various states of joining or possibly joining.  At this rate we may be full faster than anticipated, but much remains to be seen regarding that.  I figured it would take us about three months to achieve a full roster, that may still be true.  Hard to judge right now.

The point being that things have picked up.  Beyond that I am not going to speculate right now.

I have my hands full with plenty right now.  Which reminds me... back to it.