Roc the Vote!

Roc The Vote: Roc Wieler CSM6 Wallpaper

Roc Wieler is running for CSM6 and he wrote me and asked if I could put together a graphic poster for the campaign.  Oh sure I said, why not?  I'm not "officially" endorsing any candidate here but certainly Roc will get my vote.  Unless he comes out in support of something really retarded and stupid or something.  More bloggers in the CSM = Good thing in my book.

He might be a shameless self-promoter, he does already have a Campaign Facebook page up and running, but who among us isn't?  I tease.  But seriously Roc is one of my daily stops on the blog reading rounds and has been since I started having blog reading rounds, so get out the vote.  And for goodness sake, lighten up.  All of you.