Due to unusually high activity in this other MMORG I play called "Real Life" (Which isn't nearly as exciting as Eve believe me) I've been "out-of-town" for the past three days.  Zero Eve, no blog, no email checking, just totally gone.

But I'm back now and trying to get caught up again. Amazing how much happens and how much stays the same when you step away from the game for a moment.

It all pales in comparison to events in Japan of course.  Have we ever been witness to a more well documented series of natural disasters than those that have besieged the islands over the past few days?  There were even reports of a potential volcanic eruption in one of the southern islands.  I can't remember anything like it before.  Usually these types of events occur in remote areas of the world and we sometimes see glimpses of the events themselves, but in this case we've been witness to almost every aspect of the disaster as it happens.  

As this continues to unfold my thoughts continue to be with the people of Japan.

I'll be back later with something else more Eve related.  Need to get my bearings back.