Legion Of The Damned: EON Ad

While Rixx gets to fly around the universe in shiny ships, your poor friendly neighborhood blogger has to sit in his office making iskies to buy those shiny ships!  My Mom warned me the universe wasn't fair, but I had no idea!  I kid of course, I enjoy the work I get to do for my Eve clients and hopefully they also get something valuable in return.

To all of you that are patiently waiting for me to get around to your project, just know this.  I take the same level of care, attention to detail and professionalism on each and every project.  Sometimes that means things can take a little longer than anticipated.  Some projects go quickly and some take a little more time.  The same will be true on your project as well and other people will be waiting for their turn.

I have to say though, that everyone I deal with is extremely patient and understanding.  That is greatly appreciated.

So far I have three new ads prepared for the next issue of EON Magazine.  This one is for Legion of the Damned, a growing Alliance that hangs out in my neck of the woods in Syndicate.  A funny true story about that.  Just days after I sent them the first layout, we happened on this Tengu.  When I didn't hear back from them for a few days I started to get worried they might not want to finish the project.  I needn't have worried, this is Eve after all and these things happen.

Anyway, they are recruiting so check them out.

Legion of the Damned EON Ad
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