Notify Criminals are not welcome into Gallente space - leave now Rixx Javix, or your vessel will be destroyed!

Just a tad dramatic for a guy hovering at -4.97 don't you think?  

I was once below -5, but that was almost two years ago.  Anytime in the past that my sec status dropped that low I've immediately ratted it back up again.  I was almost once at +5, I think I made it to +4.75 and I haven't been back that close since.  That was almost two years ago as well.

This time I won't be ratting it back up again.  It will continue to fall I suppose.  Eventually Rixx won't be able to hang out with the better elements of the universe and be restricted to the darker corners.  I'll have to rely on my alt to do the things that need done in the finer corners.

Another chapter.  Wonder how this one ends?

(Oops edits are mine. Sometimes it doesn't pay to post quickly when one is busy.)