On a different subject

This has been an insane week here in RL and my Eve playing time has been extremely limited.  As has my attention to my growing pile of commissions, but both should be addressed here shortly.  And back to a more normal wacky ass schedule.

I wanted to get away from meta-game discussions and praise my corp m8s some instead.  I can't begin to tell you just how well things are going and what a great group of guys we've managed to build under unusual circumstances.  Most of our members haven't even been with LUCRH for a month yet and in that time we've left one Alliance, joined another, moved out of zero into low and then turned around and moved all the way across the universe... and now we're getting ready to return all the way across the universe.  This could have been an extremely difficult environment to build a new corporation.  But it hasn't been and all the credit goes to our pilots.

I'd like to point out this kill that Angor managed to get last night.  He warped to a belt that not only contained that Cyclone, but two Taranis' as well.  Luckily for him the Ranis both warped off and he pointed the Cyclone and brought him down.  Nice kill, good fight.

That's just one of many and right now Lucifer's Hammer is sitting at #5,839 up from around 12k just a few short weeks ago.  Not only have we managed to function together as a corp but also as a core group of pilots, we've also been in smaller gangs and gotten some quality action and good fights.

Our recruitment freeze has been lifted and we still have openings for 20 million sp pilots that want to be part of an exceptional group of pilots.  In addition we are also opening TWO slots for pilots with between 10 and 20m sp that want to grow into learning and fighting with us.  As always you can join us in-game at LUCRH HAMMER TIME or click on the link in the sidebar over there.