Going Rogue

Thanks to everyone over the past few days that has contacted me about joining or possibly joining your Alliance.  Sincerely much appreciated.  You don't often get a sense of how much you impact the community until moments like this and then you get reminded.  We had well over two dozen contacts and possibilities and I hadn't even really asked yet.  I won't name them all here, some were extremely confidential, so I will respect that.  Needless to say we couldn't say yes to them all.

In the end we decided to join Ninja Unicorns with Huge Horns.  The decision was made after carefully reviewing our options and deciding that piracy would be our main focus moving forward.  We want to remain fighters and keep the focus on having fun with PvP in low sec, zero space, really anywhere a good fight can be had.  In addition, after having just moved from Syndicate to low to Curse to Syndicate to low again - we really weren't in the mood to move again.  The new Alliance is based right near our low sec base of operations, so no move is required.

I don't want it to sound like that was the only reason.  During the last few weeks we've been flying with a lot of friends in low-sec, The Tuskers, Shadow Cartel and Muppets among others.  So we got a good feel for a lot of possibilities during that time. And we had good experiences with the people we flew with in all of those.

I've been a long-time soldier in the armies of those that hold sov in zero space, I've defended space around the edges of the universe, destroyed and deployed as I like to call it.  In all that time I've sometimes flirted with low-sec and piracy, but never really committed to it as a play style.  Those days are over.  I'm tired of the Sov game and while our little experiment with RK was one step away from the Sov game, it ended up not being far enough away.  It was when we joined and wasn't a few weeks later.  Things change.

It is time to embrace the Pirate.  Lucifer's Hammer is now a Pirate corporation.  We will be fighting in low-sec, WHs, Null Space, and anywhere else we can get a good fight.  I'm not above trying anything to be honest.  We're not much for gate camping or station camping or War Dec'ing defenseless Corps to be honest.  We'll leave that to other people.  We prefer to fight in space and become excellent at Player Vs. Player combat.  Which doesn't mean we won't try to gain an unfair advantage from time to time.  We are pirates after all.

Those that follow the blog in the interwebs will notice a change in the banner.  Our Corp mascot has a patch over his eye now.