Jeff is a Hater


"This is because Rixx has made a stand." 

I love the self-righteous rationalizations guys like you always trot out. You're fighting the good fight! People hate that you're marching to the beat of your own drum, playing by your own rules, and being your own man! 

You're getting trolled and hated on now because that's what your current writing deserves, dipshit. Whining about 0.0 gameplay or blobs or the lack of honor among thieves, and acting as though this same thought process hasn't been rehashed thousands of times before (on other blogs no less) is what gets you trolled. Doing so as an arrogant prick just makes trolling you that much more satisfying. 

Keep up the absolutely unique story of a fresh EVE pirate discovering that lowsec breathes new life into the game! I give it a 3 in 4 chance that you'll be writing a farewell/extended break post before summer's out. And you'll do so while blaming EVE or some RL shit that's suddenly of the utmost importance.

This comment comes to us from "Jeff", who was kind enough to post it to yesterday's post about Trolls, Haters and Nuts.  Thanks Jeff.  It has been awhile since someone was dumb enough to really piss me off in the comments, but eventually dumb comes once more to the surface.  It is, after all, lighter than air.  So let's take an honest look at Jeff's critical evaluation and see if it has any merit shall we?  I mean, even a blind squirrel stumbles on a nut from time to time.

"Self-righteous"?  This seems to be the theme of Jeff's opening paragraph.  And here he manages to hit the nail on the head, but probably not for the reason he thinks.  Which becomes apparent later on.  For Jeff's information everything I say on this blog is self-righteous, it is after all my blog.  It is also self-serving.  I don't write this blog for anyone other than me.  It is pretty awesome that ten thousand people or so like to read it and seem to enjoy it, that is very cool.  I notice that Jeff's comment doesn't have a link, so I can only assume he doesn't have his own blog.

"Dipshit", or questioning quality.  Quickly Jeff moves on to tearing down the quality of my writing, equating it to something dipped in excrement.  I wonder how long Jeff has been reading this tripe?  I can only assume a significant amount of time.  It would take a while to develop such an opinion, so one is left to ponder since Jeff wasn't nice enough to tell us.  Again, this is kind of a good point and totally up to Jeff.  If he doesn't enjoy the quality of writing on Eveoganda, he could go back to reading cereal boxes or game manuals.

"Rehashed" content.  Others have apparently told my story before.  This is news to me and I would appreciate some links please.  If anyone is aware of such stories please let me know.  I promise, if this is the case then I am done.  I read a lot of Eve blogs and enjoy a wide variety of them, including many pirate themed ones.  But I'm not aware of this 'other' Rixx out there.

"Arrogant Prick".  I have to admit, Jeff's arguments are well considered and thoughtful.  It was this clarity of vision and passion that I was initially drawn to.  I suppose this is personal perspective and Jeff is certainly entitled to his own opinion.  Far be it for me to tell anyone what to think.  If you believe I am an arrogant prick then I guess there isn't much I can do about it.  I don't happen to agree by the way, but that's me.  What else am I going to say?

"Fresh Story".  Here Jeff throws some encouragement at me, like he suddenly realized just how harsh he'd been and was beginning to second guess himself.  It's tough taking a stand Jeff, that guilt syndrome thing is a cross to bear.  Thanks for the encouragement, even though I don't believe you really meant it, I'll take it as written.

"Bad Odds".  This part is kind of scary and creepy.  Apparently Jeff knows something about my future that I don't.  He is predicting catastrophic portents of some horrible thing in my future, something so horrible that it will cause me to stop blogging!?!  Yikes.  I don't place a lot of weight (bad pun) on this prediction given Jeff's obvious failures in the rest of his comment, but again... remember the blind squirrel.

Thanks for commenting Jeff.  I've got some bad news though dood, I'm not planning on stopping any time soon.  Although, if I die in a car accident or something terrible happens, I think even you would understand I might have to take a short break.  Gosh, let's hope that doesn't happen though.  This IS only a game after all.  Isn't it?