A Negative Positive

When is a negative actually a positive?

For me it is my rapidly dropping security status, which is now below -8 and falling.  Hard to believe I once achieved near perfect +5 status isn't it?

My goal is a perfect -10 sec status.

Funny, I can remember jumping into low-sec years ago and being very impressed and afraid of those in the system with negative status and years of experience.  It's funny because now I'm that pilot.  Sorta.  Still have some work to do on that before I believe it myself.

Odd the twists and turns an Eve career can take you on.  Part of this journey has been the interesting effect that letting go of Sov has had.  For so long the power of holding Sov has dominated my thoughts, my play time and my efforts in Eve.  It became so ingrained into my life in-game that I didn't even realize how much it dominated my thoughts and actions.  I find it fascinating when I look back on it now.  I always considered PvP to be my focus, but it wasn't.  It was secondary to the call of arms involved around taking, defending and preserving Sov.  Those are two different things.  I've talked about it before, the difference between Soldier and Warrior, so I won't belabor that point again. But it is a transition.

Letting go of the past and actually focusing on PvP exclusively has been... well it is hard to describe.  It feels much like a weight has been taken off of my shoulders and for once, Eve is actually starting to be fun.  Fun in a more focused fashion, I've had fun in Eve since the beginning.  So fun isn't the right word for it.  Exciting?  Maybe.  Liberating?  I think that is the closest I can come to describing it.  Liberating.  I like that.

Over the past few weeks we've often be seen flying with our friends in various low-sec gangs and fleets.  Many people have asked me about this and the answer is simple enough, we like to fly with our friends.  Isn't that what Eve is all about?  My commenters are more than willing to point that out to me often enough. :)  I enjoy the dynamic and constantly changing landscape that awaits me when I log on, I'm never sure exactly what will happen next.  I like that.

We have a new portal page up and running which will be getting updated and made purty over the coming weeks.  Our recruitment remains open and we continue to look for pilots that would enjoy the sov-free killing lifestyle our rapidly rising killboard ranking corporation offers.  As always, join us in-game on LUCRH HAMMER TIME channel and let's talk about it.

Be back later with something new.