Open for Consideration

Lucifer's Hammer is currently considering all options.  And we will be for at least the next week.  This time we will be taking the process... well, thru the process.  Considering the results of our last selection, I believe this is the wisest course.

What we are looking for:

• PvP Focused
• An Alliance active in the EU early US Time Zones
• Non-Sov Holding
• No rules against Piracy and other unnatural acts
• Active in Low and Null Space
• No active hatred for anyone currently in LUCRH

What we bring to the table:

• Active pilots
• Most over 20m sp, extremely experienced
• Most are insane, highly ranked PvPers
• We like to "play", we're not so much about serious business
• Self-sufficient and with more Caps than you can shake a stick at
(Details are secret until we know you better.)

Just like the guys in the Toyota, we like to have fun.  We don't always follow the rules, we prefer to break them on the way to victory.  Not everyone appreciates that particular style of play, but we do not apologize for it.  It works.  Others may choose to play the game in their own style, that's fine for them.  This is ours.

We are however, internally consistent.  In other words, we do have rules that we follow.  This isn't chaos.  We don't shoot blues for example.  I bring this one up because not everyone follows that one.  We are loyal and dedicated to those that are loyal and dedicated to us.  We have a lot of friends around the universe and we often enjoy flying with them, so any Alliance consideration would have to know that about us upfront.

If you'd like to talk to me about joining your Alliance, feel free to convo me in-game.  You can also join our public channel LUCRH HAMMER TIME and talk to all of us.  Or you can eve mail me, or real mail me at

All Alliance considerations will be private and will not be discussed on the blog.

To all those that have already reached out to us in one form or another, thank you.  All serious offers are on the table for further consideration.