Zee Frigate Tourney 'O Juztice!

Later on today Lucifer's Hammer pilots, those that can make it of course, will gather somewhere and beat the living crap out of each other in a winner take all March April Madness style Easter themed Frigate tournament.

T1 Frigates only, no ecm but you can fit T2 stuffs if you want (duh!).  The tourney is set up in a ladder of randomly selected 1v1 fights, randomly selected starting distances, etc., so it is about as fair as one of these things can be.

The last Frig Tourney I fought in I won by exploiting my knowledge of those I was fighting against.  It was a free-for-all fight, everyone against everyone, and I knew most people would bring gun boats.  Instead I brought a Merlin loaded with missiles, immediately burned away from the group and just kitted away until only a few ships were left on the field.  I had also convinced most of the younger players to gang up on the better pilots, so by the time the field had been narrowed down the vets were long dead.  That type of strategy won't work today.

In fact I am certain I will not win today.  My Corp m8s are ruthless bastards and I'm sure they won't fight fair.  I'm joking about one of those statements.  But seriously half my Corp out-ranks me on BC, and while that e-fame bullshit doesn't mean much to me, it does account for something obviously.  It's my own fault for building a cut-throat band of killers and whatnots.  To be perfectly frank, I wouldn't have it any other way.

So, what to fly?  I need to have several Frigates fitted up and ready to go.  While the tourney is one and done, I think there will be assorted other activities going on.  But what Frigate to fight in?  The ever trusty Rifter?  The distance hounding Merlin?  So many options and so few hours left until the big fight.

I'll update this post later with the results and stories from the field of battle.  It should prove to be an interesting day.

In the meantime any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.