7 Days Till Death Race!?

Seven days remain and this time next week the Death Race will be gearing up to begin its deadly course... or will it?

There are currently 15 registered racers.  

I was hoping to avoid the theatrics of threats I had to resort to last time, but unfortunately I have no other choice.  Let's be honest here, if there isn't any interest in this type of event within the Eve Universe and Community, then why force the issue?  So if next week rolls around and we don't have at least 30 or more registered racers I will be canceling the event.

I'll make the decision early next week, either we move forward or we don't.

After CCP and EON were both kind enough to send thousands and thousands of visitors to both Eveoganda and the Death Race blog I figured we'd have much more interest.  Plus this being the 2nd such race, the first one being a success and all, I thought this time might be easier.  But last time I had to threaten to cancel the race before registrations picked up and we eventually ended up with 60+ racers.

Like I said, I don't make a dime from this, so it really doesn't benefit me personally.  If no one wants to race that is fine, it'll mean a lot less headaches for me.

So, there it is.