The Great Red North?

So I'm undocking yesterday in my-soon-to-be-blobbed Zealot when suddenly I am surrounded by a couple of Chimeras, a half-dozen Carriers and assorted other Cap ships undocking with me!  This is a relatively unusual sight in our neighborhood, especially since we own most of the big ships in system.  I clicked on the undocking monsters to see who they were and lo and behold, they were all Morsus Mihi.

This Cap jumping and whatnot went on for several hours yesterday.  Nothing says evacuation like using a low-sec system as a lily pad to your new home.  Or potential new home I suppose.  The word on the grapevine is Delve.  But I guess we'll just have to wait and see won't we?

I don't have any special insight into this, I'm just commenting as a general outsider to the collapse of the Great Northern Best Friends Blue Kingdom and the general attitude prevalent not so long ago, that said Northern Brotherhood would be around forever.  You can find the posts I made just a few months ago and the lashing I took in comments for my anti-coalition stance.  I stand by those opinions, large coalitions are bad for Eve.  And now the largest abuser is falling apart.

That's the end of my observation.  I don't keep up with the details of Null Space Sov anymore, I have enough to worry about.

All I know is someone was moving a crap ton of Caps thru my neighborhood yesterday and they looked like they was in a hurry.

I also know this, if you are tired of the Sov Wars you should relax and come fly with us.  Seriously.  Find out why Eve is fun to play, re-discover the simple joys of internet spaceships and not the made up concerns of higher powers that don't care about you, your ship, your concerns, or even know you exist - except as a number in their fleets.  

More later.