When DT started yesterday I had a skill running that had 21h left on it.  Since Dominion knocked me out of the game for 12 days, I have been running a continuous skill train.  No gaps.  That ended yesterday.

The MAc client patch didn't work (This is the fourth straight major release that the Mac client patch hasn't worked btw) so I had to download the full client.  As yesterday came to a close I started the download and went home.

This morning all the small patches ran fine and then I finally got to see the log-in screen.  Purty.

Oh wait, it won't take a password?!  Quick check on forums and twitter, so copy and paste from Text Edit huh?  Takes a few tries but eventually, even though the space remains empty, it works.

Takes a bit to load, but nothing horrible and finally Rixx is standing in his Captain Quarters.

Figure out the walking around easy enough, stuff is working, looks great... oh man, I have a Manticore loaded up?  Well let me fix that, I want to see the new Sac model anyway.

And here it is, after all of the above, this is the killer.  I can't switch ships!

Right-clicking in the ship hanger doesn't work.  And dragging doesn't work.  It isn't a graphics issue, tried a bunch of different settings.  I even re-logged with station environments off.  Nothing.

So Rixx CAN'T play Eve.

As much as I enjoy watching my Manticore float around in the hanger, I'd really like to play the game.

Welcome to Incarna.  Indeed.

UPDATE:  Well I re-installed everything from scratch and that did the trick. I can now right-click on stuff in my hanger and a menu pops up.  So switching ships and actually getting into them to fly is possible again.  WoOt.