RJ's Eve Drink Menu

Welcome to RJ's Bar, the most relaxing port of call in all of New Eden.  Here we have the bestest, most uniquest Eve-themed drink menu in the universe.  Kick off those Ultra-Leather $1,200 Aurum Boots and relax while you peruse our extensive drink menu.

• BOV "Bitters"    $4.75
Bitter and old, this long-lasting concoction goes down hard at the end.

• GANKER JUICE    $1.75
A little Gin, a little Rummy, this nasty but flavor rich drink comes out of nowhere!

• THE CQ    $8.25
Empty calories, useless flavor, this superior expansion of taste comes with a tiny hint of promise.

This hulking drink gangs up on you, then quits for no good reason. Add a touch of lemon to remember it by. (Watch for leaks!)

• THE MONOCLE "One-Eye Jack"   $70.00
Just a hint of cybernetic juices make this overpriced wonder sure to blind you in one eye! 51 52 Sold to Date!!

Annoyingly priced, this wanker is sure to leave you without change!  Cause it'll never change!

• FACTION BLOB    $6.00
Actually 40 drinks in one!!  It'll kill you, but only if your dumb enough to jump right in!

• WCS "Stabbed"   $14.75
You won't be able to see past your nose, but you'll be safe from anyone ordering the next drink...

• POINT AND WEB    $9.99
You can't escape the flavor of this drink no matter how hard you try!

It doesn't really mean what it says, starts out bitter but sweetens up in only three days! (Glass has holes)

• NOOB    $18.75 a month
This poorly fitted drink undocks easy and doesn't put up much of a fight... until after you drink it!  It'll talk back! (Locally owned)

• SAFE SPOT    $3.33
This one's a long way from home, but it's a nice, warm and cozy drink that takes a long time.... unless your date orders...

• THE PROBER    $4.45
Bitter and old, this long-lasting concoction goes down hard at the end.  Scan this one down today!

• NINVEAH    $3.33
Only available once a week, Mint, Mango and Madness, this chimera has a large head and goes down easy!

• NASHH DASH    $12.04
Once a Pirate favorite, this tough old drink will go thru you like a Loki thru a wormhole, but you'll be friends forever!

• THE CRAZY KINUX    $7.99
A-musingly sweet, this Canadian drink organizes a wide range of flavors into an interesting and coherent whole.

Annoyingly long-lasting and addictive, this concoction will make your head spin all day!

• THE CSM "Political Punch"    $6.66
Don't sell out, try this wonderful blend of bitter old Scotch from the bottom of the barrel! Watch for the cherry, it's a piece your mouth won't forget!!

• 1v1    $5.25
Yell this one out at the bar and someone has to bring you one! It's a house favorite! (Although you won't understand the punchline, don't worry, you're not alone.)

• DA AURUM    $????
Give the bartender a big bill and he'll rip it up into tiny little bits you can use to buy this drink!!  Microtransactions finally hit RJ's Bar!!  Aren't you happy?

• THE ROC    $14.19
This Minmatar drink thinks very highly of itself, but once you try it, it'll be music to your ears!  That's one of the rules!

• SUPER CAP    $250.00 (or FREE)
Spin the big wheel behind the bar for this universal favorite, if you hit the PLEX mark your Super Cap is FREE on the house!  If not, you may be washing dishes till the cows come home.

• The Miner    $0.49
Only the weird order this one, it'll sit in your stomach all day with very little reward. Although in a few short days you'll find a surprise in the toilet!!