For once my tongue is not in my cheek.

About a month ago my real life suddenly and unexpectedly took a drastic turn. The details are unimportant and personal, but one of my four children became "ill". That word is in quotes because it isn't that and yet it is the best way to think of it. The good news is that it isn't critical, thank goodness. The bad news is that no one is certain what it is.

This has meant a tremendous amount of stress on our lives. Stress compounded upon already busy and stressful lives. I'm sure most of you can relate to that statement. Increased Doctor visits, unexpected travel, and a level of commitment that is sudden and that takes precedent over all else.

This was the primary reason I had to cancel the Death Race.

This is the primary reason why my time in-game during the last month has suffered. And why I am so far behind on my commissions. But it hasn't just been time that has suffered.  As the CEO of a growing Corporation and a fledgling Alliance, they have also suffered. From lack of attention, commitment and dedication. All things, as understandable as the current situation might be, that they deserve.

During the last few days it became obvious that we stood at a crossroads. The Directors and I had many discussions regarding our options over the past few days regarding our multiple choices. It quickly became clear that we either needed to plunge full-bore into adding Corps and growing the Alliance, or stop now. There was much more to it than that, but really that is what it all boiled down to.

We finally decided, given the current circumstances, that it would be impossible to commit and unfair to do so. It was and remains an extremely painful decision and one I wish we didn't have to make, but after five months it was our only real option. So earlier today we pulled the rug out and called it quits. As far as my in-game time goes I am going into semi-retirement for the time being. I will continue to write the blog as usual and I will also continue to support the Eve community and provide exceptional graphic services for isk.  Even with CCP charging $99 a year!

As far as Lucifer's Hammer goes it is now in the hands of an Alt, for holding in case we try to bring it back at some point in the future. The option for one of the Directors to take over was discussed, but nothing came of it. So for all intents and purposes the Corp and Alliance are finished. It will remain in stasis so that everyone has a chance to find a new home. 

Certainly this isn't what I wanted. Nor what I intended. 

I would like to personally thank Angor, Ash, Lex, Cyber, Itsme, Deep, Hector, Jakkul, Vilanie, Feyr, derek, religiosa, Dan, Fallout, Gwydion, Monty, Snake, and all the other members that came and went during the last five months. I would also like to thank Buck and BSA for joining the Alliance. It would've worked.

I have been, and will always be, proud to have served and flown with all of you. 

RL trumps Eve. And after all is said and done this is a "game" of people. People that have family, friends, jobs and commitments outside the virtual world. This doesn't mean that Rixx is done playing or writing or drawing purty pictures, life will go on. It simply means that I can't be the one at the edge of the sword for awhile.

Fly safe. o7