Unique Ships

The news this morning that Muppet Ninjas managed to lose a unique (only 10, I mean 9 in game*) Adestria cruiser made me think.  But first, LOL.

Anyway, back to thinking.  And for the record, ships are meant to be flown, so that isn't why they deserve the LOL.  They deserve the LOL because it was fitted badly and it was lost stupidly.  Unique ships deserve better.

And stop getting me off my point.  Thinking. I was thinking it would be awesome if unique ships like the Adestria dropped a one-run BPC when they exploded. This way the victor gets a nice reward and the opportunity to produce a replacement ship for the one that was lost.  At some point the universe would have 10 of these things again.

The other side of my brain says nah, unique ships are unique, so they should just explode and disappear.  This side of my brain is a pain-in-the-ass though, and I don't often listen to him.

So what do you think?

*EDIT: As has been pointed out by several people, there should be at least 50 or so of these ships, not 10.